Hello lovely people!

Almost a month ago after an unpleasant encounter with a dead chicken I become a vegetarian. I truly hope one could find such a way to make me become a nevereatingsugaragain-arian!!! It's hopeless, I am telling you! I was born with a sweet tooth (teeth actually) and I always gain weight because of candies!!!

Well you know what they say, if you can't avoid it relax and enjoy it! So, I've decided to search and find cool recipes for easy desserts and meals and present them to you. This week, my very talented friend Zina from EfZinCreations is making Easy Cinnamon Crust Rolls for all of you.

Their preparation time is minutes and they are life shavers she says! If you are having friends over and don't have time, if your kid is asking for a sweet, or if you can't drink your coffee without a dessert, this is one easy proposal!

What you'll need:
One pack of crust dough
Confectioner's sugar
25grs of black chocolate
Raisins or nuts (optional)

Open the crust dough and use a brush to add some water. Then dust over confectioner's sugar, cinnamon and chocolate scraps. The amount of sugar totally depends on you. Use a rolling pin to press down the sugar and the cinammon onto the dough.

Your dough is now ready. You may add raisins and/or nuts depending on your preference. 

Then roll the dough into a warm-like shape and cut small portions of it.


Use a cooking paper and cover a cooking pan. Cook at 180οC for 12 min. They take a golden beige color, the color of yumminess!!!!

They look delicious don't they?


I promise you, they ARE delicious!


Thank you Zina for helping me gain 2 more pounds this amazing recipe! 


Be sure to try it out and tell me how it went!


Smouts for now