Hello dear friends,


Happy Orthodox Easter for all of you who celebrate today! We didn't go for a trip this year but I surprised my hubby yesterday with a local mini trip to a park. 




Actually this is a botanical garden and it's part of the University of Athens! It is only 15 minutes away from the center of Athens! Pretty cool right? 




It has many small water lakes filled with water lilies and lotuses! Many frogs jump into the water the minute someone goes near the water! The are water turtles too! My favourite!!!


There was this one pond that had many turtles most of which were on top of another! I especially like one small one that was laying on top of a bigger one with stressed legs! He/she was just amazing!!! Turtle yoga, lol!!!!


We also made a new friend!!! He was really friendly and cool to hang out with, stayed with us the whole time we were resting!




We even bumped into my best friend and stayed there with their gorgeous kids! It was a wonderful day! My only regret is not knowing about this amazing place for all these years, only 5 minutes (literally!!!) from my house!

I leave you with my favorite picture from yesterday and wish you all the best!