Hello lovely people!


It is always my pleasure to present to you gorgeous etsy shops! There are a lot! It's an added pleasure when those shops are team mattes and originate from Greece. 


So today, I would like to present to you MessProject from Greece. 




Those guys make the most amazing wedding invitations, posters and coasters! I looooove their shop! It's minimal and elegant and has a vibe that makes me want to buy everything!


floral wedding logo


And here they are:

Hi we are the mess project team located in Athens – Greece. Mess is a concept shop. We have always wanted to sell our own designs and that's why we decided to start our own business! We love Etsy!



typography poster

We love the walks in the center of Athens (even though we live in the suburbs).

There is chaos in Athens which is both positive and negative. Negative due to the fact that everyone does as he/she pleases and therefore we face difficulties that under other circumstances we would not. Positive because through chaos and disruption emerge new unexpected things which bring us joy and zest for life.



flowers illustration


We get inspired by everything around us; music, cinema, bicycles, books, urban sites, the sea, but most importantly by the spontaneity of the kids (both small and grownups). If you observe the children you will find that you really don’t need any material goods; only love and care. It is just that simple.

i-phone case


We produce mainly paper goods, poster, coasters, A5 prints, wedding invitations – baby shower invitations, but also leather sandals styled with threads and fabrics and finally, plastic iphone cases.



coasters with kids thoughts


What we really love though are our paper coasters which have children’s opinions about the adult lifestyle which are truly funny and colorful.
Our goal is to make our everyday routine a bit more joyful and colorful and that is the reason why we say that mess project is your everyday design.

cute coastersCheers!



Well that was fun! MessProject is having a sale till December. Use the code AUTUMN20 and get 20% discount of your purchace!


Thanks you guys! You are messy but I like you!!!


Smouts for now