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this is a new column on the blog. I like to search pinterest for cool tips and tricks and thought why not share some of my own? Someone might find them useful, right?

So here goes, hopefully this first tip will come very handy to my crafter friends!


**How to get rid of super glue in your hands**

I don’t really like super glue to begin with. It’s very fast drying, harmful and dangerous for your fingers’ freedom, lol!
But, sometimes it’s the only glue to use. So, what you do if you are like me and don’t wear gloves when you make your crafts? How do you get ride of the glue residues in your fingertips?

Some manufactures say use acetone to dissolve it. You know like use nail polish remover on your fingertips. DON’T! Acetone is harmful too. For starters it will dehydrate your skin, and don’t get me started on the other consequences. Trust me I always use gloves when handling acetone in my lab and refrain from using acetone containing nail polish remover.

There is actually a very natural way to remove those hard residues from your hands. It doesn’t involve any chemical substance since it is a mechanical way.

Use a pumice stone! That’s right, use a pumice stone. Gently scrub away the glue residues with a fine coarse natural or artificial pumice stone. Keep your fingers under lukewarm running water and gently scrub the glue away. It will remove the glue along with the dead cells of your skin and leave your skin feeling soft and fresh. Wash and rinse well and then apply hand lotion and you are done! You’ve gone from crafters hands to sexy woman’s hands in no time J!!! 

Cool right? I actually have been using this trick for decades to scrub my hands whenever needed. I’ve even used it after painting the house, and once when a permanent ink pen exploded in my hands! Worked like a charm!

You have to use caution of course not to overdo it and scratch your hands! Careful there!

You may use a nail file too but it has to be somewhat coarse to work and you probably have to throw it away afterwards.

There it is, that’s my two cents on the matter of how to get glue off of your hands. What do you think? Is this old news to you or did you just learned something new? Would love to know what you think!

Smouts for now

Disclaimer: This is just a procedure I use on my hands. If you have extremely sensitive skin, medical conditions or other hesitations about using pumice stone, please don’t. It also may not be suitable for small kids but you wouldn’t let your kid use super glue in the first place, right?