Ok so you seem to like the first “Tip of the week” post, so here’s the second one.


This one too is craft related but honestly can you blame me? Crafting and creating for me, my family and my shop takes up one third of my day!


This is a time saver tip I figured lately since I started sewing with my sewing machine.


When you are new to sewing you are bound to make a lot of mistakes. So I did. A LOT! I actually emptied a whole package of sewing thread in all the colors of the rainbow and broke 5-6 needles before I could bring myself to say I know how this machine works! Mind you, my Janome only has two kinds of stitches! LOL!!!!


I am pretty sure I would need a lot more supplies if I had one of those new machines with all the fancy stitches!!!!


Anyhow, during that period, I learned how to sew a zipper which was truly a big, scary thing for me to learn. I kept sewing and tearing apart, sewing and tearing apart. My seam ripper had become the extension of my hand!


The thing that bothered me the most during the tearing process was the leftover threads. You know those small, little cut down pieces of thread that keep poking out of your fabric and your hands are just too tired to catch and throw away (especially of you’ve done it for the millionth time!!!).




Well, here’s the tip (finally!). Use a piece a tape to catch them! Take a piece of tape and place it on the area where the threads are and then remove it.



Do that to all the places you have threads on your fabric you want to get rid of. It will make them stick to the stickie part of the tape and your fabric will be thread free!

I use the same trick for the area under the sewing machine desk when I want to catch all those threads by the end of the day and don’t want to use the Hoover. I also use the tapping method for the hard to reach places in my drawers. Like in the corners of them you know? Works like a charm!

If you have a large area to clean (are you making a couch cover?) one of those rolling tape things you use in your clothes to catch the dust/dandruff etc would work fine too!

Have you ever tried this? What other uses can you think of this trick? Please share!

Smouts for now