Hello sweeties,


I am very pleased to be part of a new game my friend Zina of EfZinCreations has started not so long ago.


She is one of the nicest persons I've known and we became friends at a time and age when I thought I was done making new friends. We are not ancient or anything, it's just I am not very easy at making new friends. Zina proved me wrong so here I am hosting another of her magnificent ideas, a chat and coffee game between bloggers that's going to go down in history as brilliant!


She didn't want the game to have rules she just gave some basic pointers here.





Well, I was supposed to come up with a question for all you sweet girls so we could cover a topic and get cozy (and a bit gossiping, lol) while we had our morning coffee (juice for me). I pondered a lot of the question and couldn't come up with a decent one. So, I did what I almost always do when I am in such a draft. I came up with an indecent one!!! Now, don't go blushing on me, it's a rather easy not to mention fun question to answer! I am sure your friends already know the answer already since you have shared it with them. So why not share with us too? Come on! It will be fun! I promise!!!!




See, I told you it will be fun! I am sure you are dying to read what everybody writes right?
Please feel free to answer in any language you like, Greek or English or French or even Italian, whatever! We'll catch your drift ;)

Also, please link up any post from your blog you'd like in the link up party, no obligation there. If there is a funny story in the post even better but don't sweat it, it's cool!

Boy oh boy I can't wait to hear your answers!!!!! So excited!