Hello sweeties!

It’s time now for a fast and easy tutorial on wedding rice cones. After all, what fun is a wedding if there isn’t a ton of rice to throw to the happy couple?

In Greece the rice is traditionally thrown during the ceremony and the part of the Isaiah’s dance where the couple along with the priest and the best man or woman “dance” around the altar.

Lately, the Greek church has decided to forbid the throwing of rice inside the temple since it is a lot of fuss to clean up after and only allow it outside the church; unless you are a lucky bride to be married to a wonderful guy whose mother gave the priest such grief about that fact that he practically begged her to have this little tradition inside!

Anyhow, either inside or out the fact remains you’re going to need some rice cones. And here’s a way to make them!

The essentials

Paper of your choice




The how to

Cut your paper into rectangles of 9cm x 9cm.

Cut your ribbon in pieces of about 12cm.

Using your lighter (or a candle) pass the ends of the ribbon pieces above the flame to prevent tearing.

Hold the paper in your hand by two of its corners. That way you are looking into a lozenge. Now take the right corner and bring it over the left one with a rolling motion. Don’t grease the paper just allow the two corners to overlap and gently push the left one underneath the right one in a sliding motion.

You want to make sure that the bottom of the forming cone is well closed when doing that. You may want to pinch it just a bit to make sure. Or not.

Holding it there with one hand take a piece of ribbon and hold it over the meeting point of the two paper corners.

Then take your stapler and staple the three layers (ribbon, paper, paper).

Now all you have to do is make a simple know with the ribbon. This way the stable underneath is not shown any more. Cool right?

You can cut your ribbon pieces longer and make bows if you want but since I used a broad ribbon I didn’t want bows just a stroke of color!

Your cones are ready!

You can fill them with rice and rose petals and even use lavender buds to create a soothing smell!

Either way you go, I am sure you’ll enjoy this tutorial as much as I did when I was making them for my sister’s wedding!

Have fun

Smouts for now