Hello sweeties,

most of you know I am a sweet tooth but with our super healthy way of eating these year, I've somewhat abstain from eating sweets. Well, mostly abstain, lol!

I've already mentioned my dear blogofriend Dimitra from Decorasylum and her boyfriend were kind enough to give me a large bag of apricots. I couldn't eat them before they went bad so I decided to make some jam! Miam!!!
photo from oohprettyshiny
I am going to share this recipe since it is reaaaaally easy and the end result is reaaaaally delicious!

What you'll need is apricots and sugar. For every kilo of apricot you'll need a kilo of sugar.

Wash the fruit thoroughly, open and discard the kernels. Cut the apricots into small pieces of 1cm roughly. Put the fruit in a large pan. Add the sugar, put the lid on and leave in the fridge for a day.



Once you open the pan the next day you'll notice the apricots have created some juice. You'll also notice the great smell!!!!

Put the pan in a medium to high temperature and stir with a wooden spoon for half an hour or until most of the juice is gone and the jam is thick and has a good viscosity.

Optional: If you like the jam without large pieces of fruit in it you should use a food processor to polverize the jam. I like big junks in the jam so I didn't do this step.

Leave the jam to cool and poor into glass containers. Store in the fridge.

This is a very healthy sweet treat since it doesn't contain any fat from cream and stuff.

Good luck if you decide to make it!

Smouts for now