Hello sweeties,

I missed you all so much these last weeks! I am away from my home for business reasons and away from my computer most of the week too. It sucks! I can't get anything straight, I come home and I all I want is to sleep and the worst part is that this is going to last for 5 more weeks! I hate it!!!

Lots of things are on the back burner right now but this post couldn't be delayed anymore. This is my post for my Secret Santa organized by Zina from Efzincreations and Gia from OnePerfectDay.

I received an amazing gift from Ioanna from find a way by jwp which I cherish! She send me one of her photos printed on a throw pillow! Zina had already bought me one of her throw pillows as a present and now I am the delighted owner of two amazing pillows with gorgeous photos by Ioanna!

The photos don't do justice to how amazing this pillow is! Ioanna's photos can also be printed onto bags, mugs, t-shirts even shower curtains! How awesome is that?




Visit her shop here and here and her blog here


Kisses for now, hope to be able to write again soon!