Hello sweeties,

I consider myself a fast learner in regards to new technologies. I think it has to do with the fact my father brought home our first computer when I was five. It was a 286 PC with an ST251 200MB hard drive and run on FAT2. I managed to burn one of the two FAT! It still worked so I named it Lazarus. True story!

Anyhow, I am not five anymore but I am still a fast learner. Or so I thought before Instagram. Well it seemed easy enough at first. Point, shoot, play with the filters (not my thing btw) and post. So far so good. It took me a while to learn to read DMs. I didn't know what they were. Or where to find them. Or what to do with them.





Then I wanted to repost something. I didn't like the available apps. So I opted for taking a screenshot. I didn't know how. I asked and didn't understand the instructions (probably because the person who answered didn't understand the use of articles and pronouns in a sentence). So I googled it. And I learned.


And if you are feeling a little bit overwhelmed and want to learn some more about how to insta then visit the Small Business Blog

And I posted and had so much fun! And now I have more than 2000 followers! Isn't that something?



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