Hello darlings

I don't remember ever telling you about my sleeping habits. I've must had good reason not to. Probably cause I'd put you to sleep just by reading the post, lol!

Well, I have to admit I love sleeping and I hate getting up in the morning! Ever since I gave up coffee my morning disposition is a bit better but not great, I have to admit! Anyway, I love to sleep! I've designed my own bed and had my father build it and then I invested in a great mattress. That was money very well spend! My sleep quality has improved by far and I couldn't be happier! 

Once I changed my pillow too, my neck pain (wryneck syndrome) which would paralyse me for days and days has been all but eliminated! So, I wanted to share my experience with you and with the input of Cut price mattresses I would like to share some great tips to get a good night sleep that are simple yet effective.

If you are not getting a solid night's sleep every night, you are robbing the body and mind of its full potential during the day. If you sleep on a terrible mattress, wear the wrong night wear, and get distracted by every little noise in your neighborhood, you have it bad! I bet you wake up with muscle and joint pain and wonder why you feel exhausted by lunch time.

Sleeping on the Right Mattress

If your mattress is seven years old or older, chances are it is time for you to upgrade. During my studies in the University, I lived in the dorm and the mattress there was more than ten years old, it had lost the firmness and had spots where I was sinking into the mattress. You really don't want to sleep in such a mattress! Take a drive to your local mattress store and test drive a few mattresses to find the best type for your particular body. Once you determine the type and firmness, shop around online to find the best deals on high quality mattresses.



Dress For Sleeping

If you are wearing tight clothing to bed, your circulation is getting cut off as you sleep, resulting in you tossing and turning through the night. Not only does this stop you from getting a good night sleep, your partner is awoken through the night as you struggle to find a comfortable position to fall back asleep. Off course Nick always complains when I toss and turn even when I am wearing the right type of clothes, but he's weird like that, lol!

Silk pajamas, and lightweight cotton tank tops are ideal for not restricting the body and allowing you to get a full night sleep. Personally I go for the cotton type like the ones I show you here from etsy.


Luxurious pijama set

Classic cotton pijamas

Eliminate Those Distractions

Before we moved in our new house, we used to live in a cozy little appartment which was unfortunately not sound proof! In my neighborhood I could hear traffic passing by the house, dogs barking in the distance, and every noise the house makes in the dead of the night. Now, we don't have this problem because we invested in a good sound proofing material that we put in the walls. If you have this problem, once you close the windows and curtains, invest in a small white noise machine to mask those sounds during the night. These little machines produce sounds like babbling brooks, heavy thunderstorms, and waves crashing on the beach. The machine will distract the mind and allow you to quickly and easily fall asleep without being awoken by the noises of the night.




One other thing that you can do to condition the body to get a better night sleep is to go to bed and wake each morning at the same time. By conditioning your body each night, it becomes a habit to fall asleep and wake up the same time, allowing the body to fully recharge and allowing you to feel rejuvenated the next day. It's not always easy especially when our days is full and differ from one another, but it's worth considering!


One thing I need to do for myself is stop reading my e-books long before I go to sleep. Only I can't! I am addicted and I cannot stop!!!


How do you sleep at night? Are you a sound sleeper or do you toss and turn? Do you have any tips for a good night sleep?



Lot's of love