Hello darlings,

I am in a weird place right now, as most Greeks are, since I feel suspended over the unknown future. At times like these I always go silent. It's not that I don't have an opinion, it's more like I want to listen more than I want to talk. So I go silent. But, I try to remember that the future is always unknown and any kind of plans are futile aren't they? So, I try to relax by reading more books, crafting new creations and cooking.


That's why I decided it's high time to present to you my mousaka recipe! It's so fulfilling that it is guaranteed to take your mind of the referendum and any thoughts of grexit too ;)



Ingredients for 6 pieces of mousaka (~3-4 servings):
2 aubergines
2-3 potatoes
300g mashed meat
200g tomatoes pulp
1l of fresh milk
2 packs of instant bechamel
150g grated graviera cheese
cinammon stick
NOTE: This recipe is my way of making mousaka. That means more creme and less meat (which you can change to your liking), no salt and no oil. Which is a bit different than the traditional recipe where the potatoes and aubergines are fried. It's way more healthier too. Just saying...


What to do:


The first thing to do is wash and cut your veggies in not so thick rounds. They will take some time to cook in the oven grill so you might as well do other things while they are cooking.

Cut your potatoes and put them in a large baking pan that you've previously covered with baking paper. 




Put them on the grill and turn them after 20 minutes when they start to become brownish. 



Do the same with your aubergines.

These should take a bit less time to cook.

Now it's time to make the mashed meat sauce. Put the meat in your pressure cooker and add the tomatoe sauce, the cinammon, the cloves and the allspice. Springle with pepper and stir. Add a bit of water and close the lid. Cook on medium heat for 20 minutes.



As soon as your potatoes are ready use a small amount of olive oil to grease your pan. 



Put a layer of your potatoes in the pan.



Again you may decide you want more or you want less it's totally up to you! Now put a layer of aubergines on top of that.



Now it's time to add the meat sauce. I am not a big fan of meat so I don't use a lot of it but you can change the amount to your liking.



Prepare your bachamel according to the instructions on the box. I use a well known one cause it's taste and very easy to make. You just mix the mixture with the milk for a couple of minutes and it is ready.


My secret ingredient for this recipe is the graviera cheese. Trust me it makes ALL the difference! As soon as your bechamel is ready add it too and mix lightly.

Carefully add the bechamel to your pan making sure to cover the whole thing.

Shake the pan a little to allow it to go everywhere.


Bake for 45 minutes at 160-180Celcius. And you are set! Let it cool down a bit before cutting it and serving it! 






Are you a fan of mousaka? What's you preference? Are you a meat or creme kind of person?




Lot's of love