Hello darlings

 Those of you that follow me on instagram and facebook know by now that we have a new member in our family: A small monstercat named Mini Tiger. Awww he's the best cat in the world while he sleeps!


He was born on the 21rst of March this year along with three other siblings by our beloved cat Doubleface and her brother/lover (don’t judge) Tiger. We’ve had a blast with 4 small kittens and two adult ones in the house (well in the back yard actually) but we couldn’t possible keep them.


Tiger - we still miss you!
Our beloved DoupleFace

We neutralized both adults as soon as Doubleface stopped nursing and we moved three of the kittens to my parent’s country home where they took over from the other strays residing there and now rule the place!



We only decided to keep Mini Tiger (promptly named after his father cause they looked the same) because he was the smallest and he was also sick all the time.



In total honesty I decided to make Nick think he was the decision maker and it worked! I really wanted a cat again, it’s been years since my beloved Moroui died and I really missed having a cat in the house. I also needed a way to justify all the talking to myself!



Mini tiger or mikroulis is an adorable cat with an amazing personality! He is very friendly and affectionate with both me and Nick. He always begs for petting but never for food. 



He loooooves my yarn balls so I make some for him now and then. 

He keeps loosing them (I wonder when I will find them stuffed under the furniture!) and then he keeps steeling mine from my basket and keeps yarn bombing my living room! The way this is going I am going to be needing a pet vacuum for sure. I've read this review https://petvacuumlab.com/shark-rocket-truepet-ultra-light-upright-hv322-review/ and I am thinking of indulging, how about you?



And that's not the only place his is bombing mind you! I can't even take a photo and he is there! My little furry photo bomber!!!


He also adores wine corks. He can play with them non stop. Once he took the one I left for him in “his room” downstairs and brought it upstairs in the living room to play with it while I was working on my laptop.

His favorite place is a large jardinière we have in our balcony. It has a bold spot where are cyclamen grows in the winter and he likes to stay there and look down the street. He’s very curious and likes to see what’s going on in the neighborhood.


I think if he could speak human he would ask me to stop cuddling him all the time and just keep the door of my bedroom open so he could sleep with us (that’s a red line for Nick though). I hope he wouldn’t say that he would also like to be allowed to “meet” our tortoises up close!

By the way, if you follow me and Mini on istagram and you have a pet, tag your photos of your pet with #pethighfive so I can follow you and high five you and your pet!

We are thinking of expanding our little family with a dog. I’ve been looking at all the strays I see on various pages on facebook and I hope we’ll be able to meet with a nice doggy and take him/her home with us soon! However, I still regard myself mostly as a cat person!


What about you? Are a cat person or a dog person? Maybe a little bit of both like me?