Hello darlings,

it's a new month! Yeah!!! I am really excited cause I am in the middle of making my very own, totally mine, new and sparkling craft room!!! Yoohoo!!!! Can you tell I am excited? It's a difficult process though, cause the room I am renovating is very old and that brings trouble but I am up to the challenge! After all the hard work is not done by me, lol!




I do need to do a lot of hard work cleaning up my craft supplies and tools and organizing them. That's a month's work all on its own, I'll tell you! I have a closet filled with yarn and fabric, a mountain of fabric samples in another storage room, bags and bags of totally unrelated things that have been labeled "don't-throw-this-away-it-has-crafting-potential", not to mention two rather large chests of drawers filled with jewelry making supplies.


During this downsizing of sorts, I will try to give away my surplus of supplies and paraphernalia to anyone interested, so stay tuned here and on facebook to see if anything interests you.


What's your plans for March?

Lot's of love






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