Hello darlings,

how was your Easter? We didn't get to go away from the city due to health issues in the family but we did have a good time when we visited my parents in our country house on Easter day. I hope you had a great Easter with lots of food and good company!

This was the first year for me taking part on my friend's Zina game, Secret Bunny. I enjoyed it a lot! I got to make some nice jewelry and stuff as a secret bunny. Unfortunately I haven't heard back from the blogger I send them to see if she liked them yet.



Yesterday I got mail from my own secret bunny and I was thrilled. Firstly because I recently met Aleka from Craftaholic up close and personal and I really liked her and secondly because she made me some amazing gifts! 


I got a white bunny with a pink bow, 



a handmade wooden card with the cutest embroidered bunny and crocheted border,


and my personal favorite, a keychain made of wood in the shape of a bow!!!!! How appropriate! Guess which key went immediately into that key chain? Yeap, my new craft room key!


Aleka, thanks so much for these amazing gifts and all the though behind them! I love them!


You can find Aleka in her blog here and her facebook page here. She's always up to something creative!


Thanks so much Zina for the awesome game! Here's to many more!





Lot's of love