I told you I was in a fix-your-house kind of mood! I am in a seriously fixer-upper mood after our new storage room got ready! I can't wait for it to be cleaned and start rethinking of the ways to organize it! Having more storage room means that I get to move some of the things that are in the house and I don't want them to, there and find new ones! How about you? Are you getting a bit tired of your home? Looking at the same four walls can get a bit repetitive sometimes, so wouldn’t it be nice to switch things up? Fear not, this isn’t going to cost the world, either! I’ve put together my three favourite ways to instantly change the dynamics of any room within your home. This is seriously cool, so read on!


I've talked about this issue a lot on my last posts. That's why I honestly think is very important! One of the most underrated qualities of a beautiful room is its lighting. Illumination can completely transform a room. Imagine breathing new life into a tired, tatty and dingy office space. With bright spotlights and a couple of corner lamps, you’re away! Lighting from the ground up can create a warm effect, but nothing is quite as striking as the bright light from illuminating a room from your ceiling. Seriously, get out there and buy your ceiling lights at LampandLight.co.uk or your local hardware store. Just start changing up your home, today! You’ll quite literally see the effects instantaneously! Another great way to use lighting to change the dynamic of a room is to utilize LEDs. Using an LED strip to prove accent lighting from something as simple as under a skirting board can really have a profound effect. Warm tones from LED bulbs can massively add to the coziness of a room. Give them a go! I did and have never looked back. We have some hidden ones behind a panel on our stairway and ones it's on, the whole floor changes!



If you’re a sucker for a good painting like I am, then you’ll know how much art can really do for a room. Hanging beautiful images on the walls of your living space can really inject some new life into a tired, old space. Artwork often becomes the focus point of certain rooms. When guests and visitors come over and see something gorgeous pinned up above your sofa, they’ll really open their eyes and begin to appreciate the thought that has gone into designing your home. Don’t stop at the conventional pieces either. Something abstract can often have even more of a profound effect! Plus, you don’t need to stick to canvases either, why not hang up a gorgeous tapestry on your wall to really shake things up? I think they look awesome. I am this close to deciding what to get for my house and it's only been 3 years! I know, I am helpless but I need it to be exactly the way I want it!


One of the best ways to add new life into a tiring, boring space is to do quite literally just that. When we’ve had enough of certain spaces in our homes, we tend to just stop using them or going in there. That shouldn’t be the case! Don’t write off a messy garage, unused spare bedroom or overcrowded home office when they all could have so much potential. Make these unused rooms a social space and fill it with bodies. People are perfect for adding dynamism to a room! What better excuse to have your friends round? You could create a home cinema, a gaming den or even just a chill zone filled with pillows, sofas, cushions and beanbags. Better yet you can make a craft room to share with your friends and have your craft parties there!!! Whatever you choose to do with an unused or forgotten space, it will definitely make a difference to your home almost instantly! Just make sure you’re happy with your home decor!

So, do you like my ideas? Let me know in the comments below!