These past few posts on ideas and tips on home improvement and decor couldn't be complete without me talking about my creative space. I haven't shown you photos from my craft room yet but it wont be long before I do. I am just waiting for the restoration unit (me, my hubby, my dad and a contractor) to finish up the storage room attached to it, and then I will reveal my craft room! Although, in all honesty, it's not really impressive.


Anyway, moving on. Do you by any chance work from home or just started to? Or will lifestyle change occur in your life sometime soon? Whether a full-time thing or just for a few hours each weekend, you’ll need a dedicated space to work. Trying to function effectively on a kitchen counter or your sofa just won’t do. Instead, you’ll need a home office.

Once you’ve got your home office area set up, that’s great! It’s a good first start. However, you then need to ensure you make it into a productive yet relaxing space. If your shoulders are tensed and you are working hard, that might be good for the first few hours. But soon you will start to wear yourself out. Being stressed for long periods of time simply isn’t healthy for the body. Scrunching up your shoulders isn’t good for your body, or your posture, and can even cause headaches. Being surrounded by many different colours, items, noises and distractions can make this stress even worse. Even if you think that a busy environment is helping you, it will catch up with you eventually. This page shows you how you should be sitting at your desk;

The truth is, it is far more effective to work in a relaxing space. No, this doesn’t mean a hammock by the pool (sadly!). It means a space that is conducive to a calm mind and a relaxed body. With these two things, you can go about your work effectively. Your hands and fingers will be loose enough to type or write easily. Your brain will be clear enough to conduct work calls and send a clear communication via email. As you can see, the benefits will be numerous.

So, how can you make your home office into a relaxing space? Your starting point should be your desk. How cluttered is it? Whether you say “a little bit” or “a lot!”, this needs fixing. The ideas on your desk are constantly in your peripheral vision. Even though they are not in your line of sight, they can still distract you. Keep only the basics in front of you. Your computer, phone, pen pot and glass of water should be all you need. Keep other items you still need close at hand, like books or a printer, on a shelf behind you. Get more ideas for an awesome desk makeover by yours truly here.

It is also valuable to give some thought to the layout of the room. How it the Feng Shui of the space? Never turn your nose up at the concept of Feng Shui. It is a genuine system that helps to promote clear thoughts and effective environments. Do your research online if you need a little more convincing, or call a Feng Shui designer for a free initial phone call. is one company who offer expertise in designing rooms to adhere to the guidelines of this ancient practice. It may sound far fetched to some of you but there are people out there that swear in the name of Feng Shui and its powerful meaning.

Finally, give a thought to sound. Of course, what you can see makes a difference, but so can what you hear. If you are disturbed by sounds from outside and will be working in the office often, glazing on the windows could be wise. Upgrade from single to double glazing, or even double to triple. It could make all the difference.


I find that having a place for everything and everything tacked away in its place, is what helps me the most concentrate on my work. Either is to better my SEO in my etsy shop, write catching descriptions, do research online for my day job or make my creations, the least clutter the better.

What works best for your home office? Any suggestions?