Hello darlings,

I can't tell you how many times I've moved in my life! After spending 19 years in Athens I moved to Patras to study and stayed at the student dorm. Then I moved out of the dorm for another 3 years to complete my PhD. I then got a job at the University of Crete and I had to move there which was followed by a move to the other side of the country aka Thessaloniki and some time after that I was back to Athens. Tired yet? I know I was! Every move was difficult I'll tell you that!

These days a lot of people move house pretty regularly. It’s a lot of effort and work for anyone, but sometimes it’s a necessity. The move itself might be essential for helping you progress your life past a certain point. These are some of the main reasons you might have for deciding you’re going to move house.


New Job

 A lot of people these days move because of their jobs. It was my main reason for moving around Greece! You might be offered your dream job, but it could be over on the opposite side of the country. So you would need to up sticks and leave got get the job of your dreams. Following your career is important, and often represents the number one reason for people leaving.


Infographic Created By To Do List When You Move

Fresh Start


Sometimes you will be looking to move to simply enjoy a fresh start. You might be disillusioned with your current life and how things have worked out. A lot of people deal with this by going traveling to far off places. Other people prefer to wipe the slate clean and start again by moving house.




If you’re fortunate enough to become quite successful in your career, you may well find yourself pretty well off financially. And this is the perfect opportunity to upsize and move to a better quality of home. And sometimes this means moving a fair distance away from where you currently are.


Whatever your reasoning might be it’s pretty clear that moving house plays a big role for a lot of people. Just make sure that your reasons for moving are the right ones. I totally sympathize with your trouble, but hopefully the infographic above can give you some cool ideas and tips to make your move easier!


Don't hesitate to ask me if you need any extra advice! As I told you at the start, been there, done that!


Lot's of love