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I've been thinking a lot lately about stress and how it affects us all. Getting stressed can be part and parcel of daily life. With financial strains and bills pay. Work deadlines to meet or family drama. It’s enough to send the calmest person into a stressed mess. However, as we can’t involve stresses in our lives, no matter how big and small, we can take steps to try and relax and unwind. So that it doesn’t take over too much of our lives and cause issues. So I thought I would share with you some simple tricks to help you relax more.

I know it seems unlikely but this very ring has helped me a lot!

Create a relaxing environment

The first thing to consider would be to create a relaxing environment. Choose a place that you can use regularly. This might be your favorite chair or the bathroom. A bathroom is a great one if you enjoy a hot bath as it can be the perfect environment to relax in. Then it would be a good idea to set the scene. So consider the lighting. You could also add some essential oils or natural scented candles to help with this. Sometimes just heading to this place can be just enough to send you into a relaxed state of mind.

Give yourself a hand massage

If no one is around to do this, then giving yourself a hand massage can be a great way to alleviate stress levels and relax you. Massage can be helpful as you can focus on certain points that can rid you of a headache and calm a pounding heart. Hands, in general, can carry a lot of the tension. So focusing on this area, even just by yourself, will help relax you. I know my hands have seen better days so I am definitely giving this one a try!

Get into water

As mentioned earlier, sometimes a nice hot bath can be just the ticket to relax your mind and tired muscles. But any water can have this effect. So if you don’t like sitting in a bath then head to a swimming pool and get into the water. Swimming casually can help relax your mind and while taking exercise pumping those endorphins round your body. Nick goes for a swim almost daily and he says it's the most relaxing part of his day!

Get someone to rub your feet

A foot massage can have the same effect as a hand massage. There are certain pressure points on your feet that can help calm a headache and ease stress. However, doing it yourself is a little more difficult so if you have someone to offer up their services then take full advantage. Alternatively rubbing your feet on a golf ball will apply pressure along your foot and could provide some relief.

Practice breathing techniques

Breathing techniques, such as meditation, can be a great way to help with anxiety and stress. It is also a proven method to help with the symptoms of depression. While you don’t need to head off to any special retreat anytime soon, it can be simply achieved at home. Just find yourself a comfortable and peaceful spot and focu on your breathing.

Get some more sleep

Finally, getting more sleep can be a great cure for stress. That is if it isn’t keeping you up at night. The best thing to do would be to try and go to bed a little earlier and work on your bedtime routine. This might mean cutting out the technology usage and limiting your intake of caffeine and alcohol. Instead opting for a relaxing tea.

I hope these tips help you to relax more. Do you have any of your own?



Lot's of love