Hello darlings,

I haven't been able to make new things apart from crocheting while breastfeeding and baby loving but I do have some older DIYs I never posted before! 

This one dates back to April when me and Nick went to Thessaloniki for a week. It was our last holiday as a couple since now there are three of us! 

We didn't take the car because it's too expensive and I didn't want Nick to drive long hours by himself since I was 7 months pregnant at the time and couldn't relive him of driving. I also could not carry a suitcase for the same reason so the packing space was tight! Thus the need to take with me as little as possible.  

But I couldn't and wouldn't board a train for a 6 hours trip without having something to do! Apart from crocheting and other crafts I do like to embroider from time to time and I wanted to do some cross stitching on the train. But I couldn't just take all of my threads so I decided to make a travel kit instead! Here is how I did it in case you need one too!


What you'll need is thick paper, scissors and your threads. You'll also need a case to carry them all but I wont be showing you that in this post.


I used white thick paper which I had saved from various occasions and packages. The one I liked the most was some that I had saved from a couple of pantyhose packages. Well, laugh all you want, I am reusing and reducing thank you very much!

I folded the paper in two and cut it.



I then folded it again.



I rounded the edges with my scissors.


What I was left with was these "cards" that I turned into spools for my threads. I made lots of those folded cards to match all my threads.

Then I put the end of my thread inside the card and started to thread it around it while it was folded. That way the end is secured. At this point you can also write the color code and batch on the inside of the card so that when the thread finishes you'll know with what to replace it with.

So it looked like this.

When I had the meters I needed - not that I counted them or anything I just eyeballed it- I made a slit on one of the sides and passed the end of the thread to secure it.

Mini the cat overlooking my progress!

I then made all of my threads into these cute little card spools.


I added my fabric, my scissors and my needles into one fabric case and off I went!




I will show you what I made on the trip in another post! It was really easy and fun to make this travel kit! Hope you'll like it too!