Cleaning your home is so important to ensure it looks fantastic. It also is vital to keep your whole family well and healthy. However, a lot of people forget to clean particular areas. Here are some common areas people forget about when cleaning their home.


Clean underneath furniture

A lot of the time we vacuum the floor in our lounge and kitchen and forget about the flooring which is underneath the furniture. It means that dust could be piling up there that could be causing allergens in your home. To keep your family safe and well, next time you are vacuuming, move furniture out of the way so that you can clean underneath. You can then replace it once the room has been fully cleaned. If your sofa can’t be moved, you should ensure that you still use the vacuum to hoover underneath. You can also use a dustpan and brush to sweep up any mess which might be underneath your sofa.



Clean your lampshades

 It’s easy to clean items that are at our eye level and below, but we tend to forget about what’s above us. You need to be cleaning your lampshades as they a surprising hiding place for dust mites. They could be living in the creases of your shade and could be causing your family to suffer from flu-like symptoms. Therefore, you should take your lampshade down and give it a clean at least every couple of months to keep dust mites away. You can learn more about keeping pests away like dust mites by reading blogs like this DeadPestz - a pest control blog.


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Clean your bin  

 When we are cleaning, we tend to put all the clutter and dirt in the bin. But how many people actually clean their bin on a regular basis? You need to ensure you are giving it a good clean monthly. Otherwise, all clutter could be leading to bacteria and mold. A foul odor could appear which will make your home smell awful. As this feature explains, you should clean down your bin outside and use a disinfectant before giving it a good scrub.


Clean doorknobs and handles

 You forget that lots of people will be touching your door knobs and handles over time. If anyone has any dirt or bacteria on their hands, they could be passing it on to the whole family. Therefore, you need to clean these regularly to ensure your family stays healthy. Wipe them down when you have finished cleaning each room, so you don’t forget!


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Clean covers and cushions on furniture

 We tend to put covers and cushions on our couch so that they are protected from getting ruined. After all, you don’t want to spend ages trying to get rid of marks from your leather sofa. However, you need to ensure you are cleaning the covers and cushions so they can stay in a good condition. As we talked about before, you should get a washable cover so you can wipe it down easier and it will remain in an excellent cover. You can also remove cushion covers and put them in the washing machine.

Also, remember to clean inside your cabinets in the kitchen. A lot of people forget there could be bacteria hiding inside.