We know not to leave the house when the door is on deadlock and the keys on the inside! We know to switch of straighteners straight away, so they don’t get left on all day. And of course, we know that candles shouldn’t be left unattended! However, there are sadly many other things that exist both inside and outside our homes that can cause problems.

 That being said, knowing that our home and belongings are safe is something that we all want. After all, our homes are our pride and joy. Our belongings are things we have collected and taken care of over many years. Our homes are where we should always feel safe and secure. So even when we’ve taken the most basic of safety measures? What else can we do to ensure our homes are safe even when you’re not inside it?

When it comes to your front door, of course, you will lock it each day. But how good is that lock? There are different grades of locks; the higher the grade, the more complex the locking system. And the more complex the locking system, the harder it will be to break into your home. So, consider firstly in your lock needs an upgrade. Alternatively, you could add a second lock to your front door. Apply the same principles to all of the doors to your home, including side and back doors. Often, burglars come through backdoors as fewer people can see them doing this. Backdoors also sometimes have less secure locks, so don’t get caught out in this way.

Of course, people coming into your home uninvited is sadly not the only thing you have to consider. It could be that thing causing problems is already inside the home! Maybe you have a new puppy who is struggling a bit with his house training and behavior. Maybe you have a new nanny for your kids who you aren’t sure about yet? Both of these things and more can be captured and monitored using something like an ezviz mini camera. Miniature surveillance cameras help you pinpoint the cause of any issues on the inside!

On the topic of surveillance, CCTV cameras and alarms can also ensure your home is safe even when you’re not there. However, if these options are prohibitively expensive for you, there is any alternative. Decoy cameras and alarm systems do exist. They act as deterrents for would-be burglars. Invest in the most convincing looking systems that you can. Window sticker and door decals can also be found very cheaply, but can put criminals off.


Last but not least, get friendly with your neighbors. If you do, you can ask them to keep an eye on your house. Once they get to know you, they will notice if anyone hanging around outside looks suspicious. Often, criminals ‘scout out’ an area that they are considering causing damage in before the act itself. You can also return the favor for the neighbor in question, keeping an eye on their property when they’re not around!