Hello darlings,

I finally found some time to write a fresh post between the ones I have scheduled for the summer. This time I wanted to share with you my method of securing the ends of my crochet creations.

We've all been there. As soon as you finish a crochet project your hands start shaking and you are sweating like you've just run a marathon! Yeah,  it's time to weave in the ends! Dreadful isn't it? I mean who would've thought that having so much fun crocheting a blanket would result to something so boring as ends weaving? I know! There are some pretty good memes on the Internet about it too! I like the one with the Gollum the best!!!

The task is especially difficult when a c2c project involves a graph with a lot of color changes. I found out during my first graph c2c blanket that the way to deal with all those ends was to weave them in at the end of each day. That way it wasn't so overwhelming.

And this is how I did it. Either it's at a change of colors or at the end of one skein to another the steps are the same. 

First off you need to leave enough length in order for your ends to be safely secured. Use a yarn needle and pull through your yarn.

Pass your needle through a few stitches.

Pull through. Then pass needle through the nearest piece of yarn there is leaving a loop at the end. That means that you won't pull through all the way.

Now pass the needle through that loop and pull tight. You just made a knot. It's not visible but it's there.

Now you can weave in the rest of the end in different directions.

I make three passes and then I cut my yarn.

I've  never had any problems with this method. After washing my blankets in the washing machine nothing comes apart and no ends are visible too.

I tested this in my favorite blanket I made for my little one! The pattern is from repeatcrafterme.com and it's sweet isn't it?

I just love how it turned out! And the ends are securely weaved in!

Lot's of love