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Here's all the things you need to know about vacating, so you can move stress-free and efficiently.


Pack It Up

Consider packing by room, and then label every box with that room, for example, the box labeled bathroom, has all the bathroom supplies in it. This will make it a lot easier when you move into your new home. You could also number the boxes and make a list of them, that way you can ensure you have everything with you when you leave.


Pack a box of essentials which has everything you need for your first night, this way you don't have to mess around trying to find all the things you need; you will have them ready.


Confirm the details of your moving day (such as the date, time and locations) with your moving company or any helpers you may have, so everyone will be on time and know where they have to go.


Disconnect All Services And Utilities


When you have your moving dates, you need to start collecting your phone, internet, electric and any other utilities you subscribed to, and disconnect their service with you. Tell them when exactly you plan on moving so they know what date they need to shut it down.


Confirm a date to install all new services and utilities that you will need at your new house before you move so it will be ready the day you move in.



This is a must! If the place isn't clean when you leave, you won't get your deposit back, plus it's just good common courtesy to leave it in beautiful shape as it was when you first arrived.

If you're going to clean the place yourself, it is best to get one room done, and then move onto the other, that way you can be thorough and organised. Also, think about starting with the hardest rooms so they're out of the way first.

If cleaning isn't your cup of tea, there are many services out there who can do it for you, like Whizz App for vacate cleaning. It’s simple to use and takes the stress out of your move.


Take Note

It's always a good idea to document the state of your rental when you leave with lots of photos, which if necessary, you can compare to the ones you took when you moved in (if you remembered to do that...)




Let your landlord know you're leaving so he can inspect your house. This will help you all decide if you need to pay for any repairs, redecoration and if you will get back your deposit. You can then cancel the contract when you leave.



Know the laws


Make sure you know how the deposit scheme works in your area, and hold your landlord to the law. If necessary, small claims court is there if you need to settle a disagreement.




Don't forget to gather up all the keys you have to your apartment, (even the spare set that you had made for the neighbours) and give them back to your landlord on moving day.



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