Hello darlings,

Happy New Year to all of you my dear friends! I wish you all the happiness in the world! I wish you health and calm and joy and laughter and calorie-free chocolate. Lot's and lot's of calorie-free chocolate!!!


2016 was quite a year wasn't it? For it it was the year my life took a turn to more happiness and more smiles! I wake up with a smile while I look beside me to my sleeping daughter and go to sleep with a smile while I look beside me to sleeping daughter and her father! It really doesn't get much better than this!


So I wish you all my happiness! Life isn't easy but it shouldn't be impossible either. So try your best and smile and things will be better.




I haven't made any big new year resolutions this year, mostly because I didn't have time to think about them, lol. But I know I need to do somethings for sure. Getting in shape is definitely one of them and preparing myself psychologically to go back to work is another. It's probably time to change things in the shop too. Those would probably be radical changes since etsy is not getting any easier and I am not getting any younger, lol! So there are things to look forward in 2017 and things to change! Let's just hope everything is going to change for the best.


Again, I wish you all a great year where all your dreams (or some of them) come true!


Lot's of love