Most of us don’t have the budget to buy a stately home, as much as we’d like to. But just because your home isn’t a mansion doesn’t mean you can’t still give it a touch of elegance. Here are some great ways that you can add sophistication to any property and feel like a king or queen.


Tackle the clutter

 This is definitely my favorite! Mess immediately brings down the tone of a home. Before transforming your home, take a few steps to tackle the clutter. If you don’t want to part with any objects, buying a few more storage solutions may be the answer. Tackle living room clutter with a convertible footstool or a basket for putting newspapers and letters in. Give everything in your kitchen a home and tackle bathroom toiletries by buying an extra chest or cabinet. That's especially useful if you have small kids in the house. Their toys seem to be everywhere so finding a place for them is a must!


Dabble with designer furniture

 Designer furniture is expensive – you don’t need to go all out. However, having one or two items around your home can certainly spice the décor up. You can shop at a designer furniture store, or try your luck searching second-hand. Make sure that the design fits the theme of your home – something too funky and modern in an older home may look out of place.


Embrace art

 A piece of art immediately creates a focal point in a room. It’s also good for contrasting the gadgetry that dominates most of our homes. If you have a blank wall opposite your TV, this is the perfect place to hang a painting. Mantelpieces and windowsills meanwhile are great places for small sculptures. Use art that reflects your personality or the places you’ve been, so that it’s not simply art for art’s sake.  


 Try crown molding

 Crown molding can liven up the blank space between your walls and ceiling. These are a common feature in old grand houses, but can be used to glam up any home of any size. Use a wide trim to make a big impact. There are all other kinds of ceiling embellishments that can immediately create a sense of class such as ceiling medallions, wooden beams and columns, although these may be overdoing it slightly in the case of most smaller properties.  


Cut out the carpets

 Carpets are undoubtedly much cosier – but if it’s elegance you’re after, nothing beats a polished hardwood floor. You should certainly consider it in a kitchen as an alternative to gaudy lino. Rugs meanwhile can be used to still provide comfort on your toes. You’ll want one in your bedroom and any hallway leading to the bathroom. Converting your floor may cost a fair bit, but could push up the value of your property in the long run. Woods such as birch and oak are generally less expensive than cherry, so bear this in mind if you’re on a budget. Also make sure the wood is well laminated, so that it can be easily cleaned. Be sure to fix up any old exposed floorboards to give your home a cleaner look.