It doesn’t matter how wealthy you are, everyone loves a bargain, and second-hand clothes represent terrific value. Whether you need to refresh your wardrobe, are in need of a new work uniform, or are looking to get ready for a fancy dress party, buying second-hand may prove your best option. I used to do it all the time with my mom when I was little and money for new clothes were an issue but I haven't done it in a while.

Apart from the financial benefits, there are a number of other advantages to purchasing used clothes.


You get a great deal

 The main reason that people buy used clothing is that it is often a lot more affordable. Clothing can end up being one of your larger household costs, particularly if you have a family to cater for, so any saving you make is helpful. Remember that there are now many ways for you to source second-hand outfits, from online outlets to local garage sales.


It’s better for the environment

 The clothing industry is one of the most wasteful in the world, with manufacturers repeatedly creating new styles and throwing what remains of last season’s outfits into the landfill. By reusing old clothes, you help to reduce the pressure to produce more clothes and cut down on wastage.


They’re often in great condition

 Although second-hand clothes are technically “used,” often you’ll find outfits that are practically brand new. The thought that clothes have born worn by someone else previously can be off-putting to some, but once they’ve had a look at the quality and condition of the vast majority of second-hand clothes, they usually change their minds.


That being said, it is recommended that you wash any second-hand purchases before you wear them, as putting unwashed, used clothing straight into your wardrobe is commonly how bed bugs spread.


You get more choice

 High street retailers like to follow particular fashion trends to maximise their sales, but it can lead to a lot of stores selling very similar items. If you prefer a more distinctive look, however, this can leave you with a limited choice. Searching for items in a second-hand clothing store, on the other hand, gives you a greater range of styles to choose from because the outfits available may be from anywhere in the world and made during any period. If you don’t want to conform to the “must-have” look of the moment, then buying second-hand could be for you.


You can give to charity

 Another great thing about buying used clothes is that it can provide you with an opportunity to give to charity. Charity stores like Oxfam are some of the most common suppliers of used clothing and making your purchase here lets you look good, as a result of doing a good deed.


Finding something special

 The act of searching through rails and rails of used clothing so you can find that one gem is a thrill that can’t be matched by high-street retailers. Finding a bargain is exciting, it’s the feeling that you’ve got a deal that nobody else can match. If you’re on the lookout for something unique and the buzz that comes with finding it, then shopping second-hand is the way to go.


There used to be some pretty decent second hand clothes markets in the center of Athens and I am looking forward to finding them again in search of a vintage dress! Wish me luck :)