Hello darlings!

As we are now firmly into the season of spring, there are certain things that need to be done around the house. Cleaning is the main obvious one; a spring clean can do wonders for boosting your moral, giving you clarity within your home and getting rid of the clutter and junk that’s been lying in waiting for way too long. It’s also a fantastic time to do a bit of a rearrange of the rooms that you have been dying to rejuvenate - your living room is a perfect place to start.





Colour choices


Living rooms traditionally benefit from light, airy colours which open up the space. However, it doesn’t have to be this way if this is not something that you can fully get on board with. Cosy colours, such as rusty oranges and mustard yellows, work just as well at creating a relaxing atmosphere. Darker colours, so your navy blues and pine greens, work better in well-lit rooms with natural light to give a real Scandinavian feel to the space. Whatever colour you pick, make sure that you are painting in natural light so you can see what you’re doing. Painting under false light (so just turning on the switch when it goes dark) can make your paint job look like a disaster the next day. You could even mix and match and do three light walls with one feature darker wall.




There are some people who replace their living room furniture every 18 months, and those who can hold on to it for 18 years. If you are in the latter category, it may be time to try and spruce up your furniture to meet modern times. Upcycling the furniture that you’ve currently got and giving it a new lease of life with paint can be a really cheap way to get the look you desire. Have a play around with different colours and see which goes with the colour choice that you have made for the rest of the living room, or match it with the existing colours that are around you. It doesn’t all have to go - mixing it up a little can create such a fun feel!


What goes under your feet


Changing the flooring in your living room can make all the difference to how it’s presented. Even going from laminate to proper hardwood flooring can change the whole feel to a room, and will probably do you better in the long run, too - hardwood flooring can last over 100 years if taken care of properly. Choosing a carpet will help create a warm, cosy environment for you to relax in, but simply adding a large rug can do the trick for a fraction of the cost. It’s also something that can be changed to keep the living room looking fresh and newly-decorated for years to come.




Decorating a living room should be one of the easiest things ever; you simply put up a display of everything that you love and/or are interested in. Pictures of your family and friends, plants that you have always adored, cushions which show your quirky side … it’s all a reflection of you.


Lot's of love