Being a great host is essential when you’re inviting guests to stay over in the home. However, you can’t always be there to make sure the experience is as pleasant for them as possible. After you’ve had a drink, eaten with them, shown them around, and entertained them, you have to leave them to themselves. Ask yourself, does your guestroom serve as good a host as you? Staying in someone’s home for the first time can be awkward, so you want to make it as easy-going as possible.


Make it their space

One of the reasons staying in someone’s home for the first time can be awkward is those moments you’re alone. You’re up late at night or early in the morning and you have a few needs, but you don’t want to bother your host for them. Maybe you need breakfast or access to the internet. So, as the host, you should prepare those needs in advance. Set them up a breakfast table in the kitchen, making it clear they’re welcome to use as much as they want. Leave your wifi details on the bedside table. Put all the details in a welcome basket, including other little touches like a magazine, a bottle of water, a sweet treat and so on. Allow them to enjoy their time alone without a care in the world.


 Is it welcoming?

Of course, the bedroom itself has to not get in the way of those needs, particularly in terms of relaxing and getting to sleep. The bed itself is the most important thing. The best mattresses, clean, quality sheets and freshly prepared pillows are a must. A subtle style to the room should take precedence over trying to go too far in the direction of your own tastes. Your family photos might make a lovely sight in your room, but they won’t have the same appeal if someone is trying to go to sleep with them directly in their eyeline. A few additions can make a nice impact, though. Fresh flowers (if they’re not allergic) can give the room a nice clean feeling. A bedside lamp is great if they want to stay up and use their digital devices or read before bed.


 Don’t forget the bathroom

If sleeping over for the first time is awkward, how about the first time in a new bathroom? Cleaning it thoroughly is absolutely essential. Mostly, you want them to be able to clean and get ready without being forced to ask you for help. So, make sure the bathroom is fully stocked. Lay out fresh towels, leave a note telling them where a hairdryer is in their welcome basket. Stock up on some lavish goodies like luxury soap and bubble bath. You should even consider providing a cozy bathrobe so they can spend their time lounging in the morning.


Essentially, it’s all about anticipating the needs of the guest. Think of the kind of things you would expect if you were to stay over in a hotel for the night. Allow them to have as peaceful a time to themselves as they can and your guests will love you for it.