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We spend a lot of our times worrying about the inside of our home as homeowners. After all, we want to ensure the decor is up to scratch for when guests come to visit. However, we often forget about the first thing our guests see; the front of the home. After all, if your guests get a bad impression from the get go, it’s not going to leave them impressed. Therefore, you need to tweak the front of your home to ensure you leave a lasting impression. Here are some tweaks you should make to ensure your home has real curb appeal!


Work on the front garden


We spend a lot of time in the back garden of our home. Therefore, the front garden is often left in poor condition. But you don’t want passers by and guests to see your front garden in such a state. After all, it will instantly drop the curb appeal of your home. Therefore, it’s time to tweak the garden, so it looks perfect. Firstly, you should cut the grass regularly to ensure it’s well-maintained. After all, it will make sure it looks beautiful when people pull up outside your home. And it can warn burglars away; they often check the garden to see if it’s unkempt, so they know whether anyone is home! And then you can look into planting some flowers. After all, it will add some color and character to your front garden. Make sure you choose flowers which don’t need much work so that you don’t constantly have to tend to them. And you might even want to add a couple of ornaments which can add some character to your lawn!


Update your roof


You might be surprised that people often look up at the roof when they are outside your home. And they will notice straight away if there are issues like missing shingles and badly aligned tiles. And it can drop the appeal of your home. Therefore, it’s time to go outside and check out your roof. After all, I’m sure we can all admit we don’t look up at it enough. And then once you have an idea of the issues, you can look into finding a few roofing companies to get quotes from. They can then resolve the problems, and then your curb appeal will soon improve! And it’s worth arranging for an annual inspection. That way, you can keep on top of your roof before any more problems occur!


Improve your doorway


It’s also a good idea to improve your doorway so that guests will be impressed as they knock on the door. For starters, you should paint your front door. You should go for a bright color which will turn heads when your guests pull up outside the home. And then you should invest in a good knocker which will make your door more attractive. Go for something unique which will boost your curb appeal. And then you should add other features like a cool doormat and some hanging baskets which can also make your doorway more appealing!






And don’t forget to regularly clean your windows, so they are sparkly clean. After all, you don’t want dirty windows which will lower your home’s curb appeal.


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