Putting your own stamp on a house after you’ve just moved in is something that takes time, effort and quite a bit of dedication to do - that is, if you want it all over and done with in no time at all. The best things take a bit of time to pass, and this goes for house decoration too; if you spread it out over months or years, your personality will shine through far greater than a mass effort to get it all done and dusted before you can get on with your life. Take it at your own pace and you may just be surprised at the end result…


 Leaving Until Last


There are some things that just need leaving until last. This usually includes whole redesigns of rooms, but mainly ones that require experts to come in and help with what you’re doing e.g kitchens and bathrooms. Although you may feel like you want to get it over and done with as soon as you are moved in to save on the inevitable mess that comes with it, give yourself more time to get a feel for the house and what you actually want from it. Draw inspiration from what’s around you both in the home and in the neighbourhood, and see if you can go to a neighbour’s house to look how they’ve designed the same rooms. It can often give a good indication of whether something is going to work or not.


Drawing Inspiration


As aforementioned, there are quite a few ways for you to take note of something to use in the future inside your house. As well as going outside and taking in the feel from other places for kitchen and bathroom design, you can have a look at pages online to give you some tips and hints on what works well in other rooms, as well as investing in magazines for some up-to-date inspiration. It’s quite subjective to know exactly what you want in your home, and talking it over with friends can be a huge help; they will always know someone else who did a particular thing in their new home that either worked or massively failed.



Taking A Break


If you have decided to go head-first into the redesign of the house, remember to take frequent breaks so it doesn’t overwhelm you. In terms of the time needed to take a rest, set yourself a couple of hours in the middle of the day to recover from what you’re doing. Watch a movie online - in terms of streaming, ShowBox’s the best. Period. Set yourself up some nice snacks and make sure that you drink plenty. If you have tradespeople in your house doing the work for you, ensure that they’re drinking enough and have eaten enough food to get the job done to an amazing standard.


Allowing Collaboration


If someone has an idea or offers help, take it! You don’t have to use every idea that is suggested, but it certainly all puts towards the final outcome of what you’re doing.


Lot's of love