Hello darlings!

So you’ve finished laying that beautiful tiled kitchen floor, completed the water themed mosaic in the bathroom and added the finishing touches to the tiled monochrome splash back in the kitchen. Somehow you’ve ended up with a load of odd bits, but instead of throwing them away we’ve discovered some beautiful, unique and stylish ways of using up spare or broken pieces of tile that’ll blend with the modern, elegant aesthetic in your home.


Tile Style

Depending on which tiles you’ve been using you’ll find that some tiles are better than others for certain jobs. In fact, tiles can range from being 2x2 square all the way up to massive squares that make you feel like you’re doing a giant jigsaw puzzle! To avoid having tons of leftover tiling make sure you check your measurements carefully, remembering that tiles need to fit snugly together, but there also needs to be room for tiling adhesive or grouting.

The one thing that you do need to think about when tiling is that it’s fairly time-consuming, so it’s worth clearing your diary or hiring a tile installer who’ll be able to come over promptly and do a quick, professional job to a high standard in a day or so.

Mirror, Mirror

Basic slab mirrors tend to have no surrounding patterns or distinguishing features unlike their much more expensive counterparts. If you’re looking for a focal point for your living room or bathroom, often a sunray mirror is perfect however these are hard to find and can cost more than you’re willing to pay. A mosaic or hexagonal patterned surround looks stunning on mirrors and gives you the feeling of being in Ancient Rome in a traditional bath house.

On The Table

Want to pep up your coffee table? Forget laying down runners or using large centerpieces instead transform the surface with tile! You could either use a large rectangle of slate, black, or patterned tile or cut up tiny squares to create a mosaic pattern. It'll look like you bought the table in a designer furniture store and will also go nicely with other artsy pieces in the house such as mirrors, end tables, and stained glass lamps.

Tile Art

Black and white tiles have long been a design staple but what if you took it to the next level? Sketch out your design first onto plain paper, then once you’re happy, take a sharpie, or black permanent marker and copy the drawing onto any white or colored tiles. It’ll not only look striking surrounded by a metallic or wood frame, but tile art is a fantastic way to incorporate any passions such as reading, music or animals into your home.

Bespoke Cheese Board

Make sure that the tile in question has been cleaned thoroughly before placing any food onto it. Larger tiles are better for party platters, trays, and decorative cheese boards although you may want to think about attaching some grippy feet to the bottom to make sure it doesn’t slide around. For a truly wow effect why not use cool, creamy marble? The swirls will look simply gorgeous, and your cheese will be kept nice and cold.