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We live in a modern world where it’s not just up to guys to make a move and show that they want to take the next step. In fact, a lot of girls are opting to ask their beau out - me included, lol - or even proposing to them to show them they want to spend the rest of the lives with their other half! But a lot of girls are left stuck for ideas of how to show their guy they are serious about the relationship and would love to take it to the next step. Since it's not always easy to express yourself in words, like my favorite quote below, here are some gift ideas which will help you to show him how serious you are about him!






A key to your place


Nick could tell you a very funny (not) story about the time I gave him a key to my place. I know a lot of us are cautious about letting our other half have access to our home. After all, it’s our baby, and it’s a place that we are proud to own ourselves. Also, we might have made many home improvements over time. But once things develop with your other half, it might be the case he is spending a ton of time at your home. And to show him that you would quite like to have him there all of the time, it might be a good idea to give him a key to your place as a gift. You may even buy him a key chain with a heart a locket to hang it!

That way, your other half will know you are keen to take the next step. And it ensures he can come and go to your place over time. Put the key in a box with a ribbon and present it to him when you go out for a meal. Your other half will be well chuffed you have given him a key to your home. And will be sure to return the favor in due course. When it comes to properly moving in together, it might be wise to move into somewhere entirely new. After all, you can both collaborate to make the property your own. And then neither of you will feel left out if one of you was living there before!


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A piece of jewelry


It’s not just boys who have to give us a ring to show us their commitment. In fact, you might want to get him a piece of jewelry like a ring or a bracelet to show him how serious you are about him. Have a hunt for stylish jewelry that will show him how much you care. A ring might be too much if you don’t want to head down the engagement route too soon. Therefore, a watch or a bracelet might be better to show him you love him. And if you want to buy mens gold bracelets, you can look online to find a whole range which might suit your loved one. Just make sure you check his size before you go to the shops. After all, you don’t want to buy your guy a piece of jewelry which doesn’t fit properly. And for something extra special, you could always get something engraved on the jewelry. For example, your two initials or the date you met can ensure he knows you see the relationship as serious! And hopefully, he will return the favor of buying you jewelry soon!


A scrapbook of pictures of the two of you


DIY is often the way to go if you want to show your loved one how serious you are about them. For one thing, it shows how far you have gone to make an effort if the gift is something handmade. And as we said before, something that you have made yourself carries deeper feelings than something you buy from the shop! Therefore, it’s a great way of showing your other half you are serious about them. One thing you could make is a scrapbook of pictures of the two of you. Whether you have been together a year or three, it can help him to show how much you have been through together. And you can even make notes like the first time you fell in love, or the first date. And then you can write a message in the back saying how much you can’t wait to make memories in the future. It will show your other half how much you care. And they will keep this present from you forever.


And even agreeing to go out for a meal with his friends or family can really show you are keen to take further steps to establish your relationship!


Lot's of love