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Furnishing your garden can often be just as exciting as furnishing the inside of the home. You get to choose the materials of your garden furnishings, from metal dining sets to hand-carved wooden benches that resemble an old oak log like the ones you can buy here. The biggest difference between the furniture in your living room and the seating set in the garden is the maintenance. You wouldn’t maintain the indoor furnishings in the same way you would those that are exposed constantly to the elements. It’s for that reason that you should be far more vigilant with your outdoor equipment than indoor. It’s a straightforward task, maintaining garden furniture, depending on the material you have chosen. You want to be able to enjoy the equipment for many years and this requires a certain level of elbow grease.





Seeing as wood is a natural product, it will produce natural oils. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make sure it keeps to its best possible condition and this will always come down to regular treatment and care. You should always use hot soapy water to keep wooden furniture clean, but you can also find wood finishing oil for sale at any number of garden centres and outdoor furniture shops. This will give it a waterproof, hardened finish that will protect the wooden surface for years to come. If you do this every year, the wood will age naturally slower and look fantastic.

Metal garden furniture is extremely popular with many people who are looking for something new for the summer ahead. It needs little attention as the metal withstands against most climate types, from the icy cold to the heat of the sun but it still needs a good clean regularly to maintain its look. Pressure washers can be used regularly and using a non-abrasive cloth will minimise scratches. Steel outdoor furniture should always be treated properly to prevent rust. Read more about rust and how it develops here. Missing the boat with rust isn’t the end of the world, as you can use steel wool to treat the area and cover it over in a paint that matches the rest of the furniture. Don’t let it get that far though, if you can help it!

Rattan garden furniture gives a garden a classic look. Synthetic in its material, rattan furniture is UV resistant and also resistant in harsh weathers – except tornados. Wash with soapy water whenever you need to and pay good attention to the metal framework. Rusted garden furniture isn’t attractive but you can care for it in the same way you do any metal garden furnishings.

Garden furniture can be a wonderful addition to an outside space. If you have anything made with fabrics, keep it stored in the shed or under large plastic coverings like these when not in use. Rain can cause mould within fabrics and heavy weather can ruin it. Don’t waste your money by allowing the furniture you choose to be ruined by the weather outside. Taking care of what you buy for your garden will mean it’ll stay looking great, summer after summer.


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