Hello darlings!

Life is full of surprises. Some are good, others are bad. For people like me who always need to be in control that's a bitch. I am always asking myself: Am I ready for these? I know now in my 39 years that being ready might be a little optimistic, but I think that one can at least be prepared for most eventualities. Life can be random, and it’s good to make sure that you’re covered for most of the common unexpected surprises. Why common? Because not all unexpected events are out of the ordinary. Most things that happen to you have happened to others before. As a result, you will find that there are plenty of options to help you to deal at best with the surprises that life throws at you. Remember that not everything in life is a lemon. But the way you deal with things can turn them into bitter lemons. Here’s a little guide to help you go through the unexpected lemons of life. Beware, some of these lemons are very sweet indeed.

No Gamble On Security

The first type of unexpected surprises that you want to be organized to fight off are related to your home. Indeed, your home is your sanctuary, and therefore it needs to be safe and welcoming. This means that you will need to look very carefully at your home security system. Securing your home goes much further than choosing the right alarm system. It’s also about securing your household budget while ensuring that you can keep your house warm in winter and cool in summer and that the energy is not wasted. Additionally, a safe house needs to protect you from the natural elements such as rain and wind. While weather can be unexpectedly bad, your roof and windows need to remain reliably weatherproof. Last, but not least, is the matter of unwelcoming guests, also called pest if you know what I mean. In short, carefully cleaning can go a long way: Leave as much as a crumb on the floor, and you’ll soon find an army of ants has moved in and they’re refusing to pay the rent.

Are You An Organized Host?

Not all guests are as unpleasant as ants, or mice, or even mold. Sometimes, real friends ring the doorbell. While it’s nice to have people you love visiting you, it can be a little stressful if you are constantly unprepared. There’s no other way to be the perfect host: You need to always prepare your home as if you were expecting people to come. This means that you need to make friend with your vacuum cleaner and that your food cupboards need to be full. Also, keep the guest bed made. You never know who might stay over.

What’s Your Action Plan?

There is another form of unexpected events that is unfortunately too common: The accident. You can have two types of action plans in the presence of an accident. For a start, did you know that rapid action can save lives? So it might be a good idea to take a first aid course. You never know when you would need it. Since having the baby me and Nick are on the watch to find such a seminar. If you are a new parent you might want to see this sweet video for baby CPR.

The second option in case of accidents is to rely on your insurance. Whether it’s to cover your home, your car, or your health, remember than a good insurance can not only save you a lot of troubles, but also a lot of money. So it’s not a thing to ignore and hope for the best.