Getting on the property ladder in this day and age can be a stressful challenge. We are living in the rent generation; more properties are being bought to let out than ever before, and this leaves those wanting to invest their money into a house for them to live in short of choice. It’s difficult to think that the majority of us are ploughing our money into lining the pockets of others rather than giving us any sort of financial security in the future, but it’s something that we have come to accept. However, this doesn’t mean that you are exempt from buying - you will just need to figure out how to get what is needed to be able to buy your new home.



 The most obvious thing that you need to do is to save enough to get a deposit to put down for a mortgage. Most lenders ask for 10%, but you may be lucky enough to find some that accept 5%. The more deposit you put down, the less that you will have to pay back in your monthly installments. See what your bank account can offer you in terms of savings interest and compare with others - choose the one that gives you the highest amount to get to your goal more quickly. Consider putting your money into a fast-rate investment account that you can’t make regular withdrawals from. If you have parents or close friends living nearby, ask if you could move in with them for a couple of months to help get a good amount of money together to be able to put down for your deposit. If none of these options are available, you’ll just have to scrimp and save the good old fashioned way.


Look at alternatives

 You yourself make your house a home. Home means different things for different people. But you don’t have to set your sights on a house if it’s too far out of your price budget. You could look at mobile homes for sale, consider a house share or even buy a boat to live on if you’re close enough to the ocean or a good-sized lake. There are so many alternative options for you to go for, some that may even pay you to live there, such as if you were to be a guardian of a property.


Make a plan

 You can’t wing your way towards getting a new house unless you are incredibly lucky or are getting help from other sources. You will need to make a firm savings plan and budget for potentially the next few years depending on your income. If you are partnered up with someone and planning on buying together then this should make things easier as there will be two of you on the mortgage (making it easier to obtain), you will be able to save for a deposit quicker and should get a bigger lending. This will give you option to go for a bigger and better house.