Hello darlings,

funny story happened the other day. We bought a new couch for our living room last December. The truth is that we reached this renewing decor decision after a lot of pressure by the manager of the Archaeological museum: he was missing this particular piece of furniture from his before-80s period.
Anyway, the couch came, the guys that brought it put it together and there it was on our living room. Civilization at last! A very modern and comfy couch blending wonderfully with our minimal living room. The first day the smell of the new wood filled the air!
And the second day.
And all through the next week. Wow wow wow, something's not right here, a month went by and the couch was still giving of this distinct odor. What are they spaying them with? And how harmful is this for our health? 


Obviously I couldn't analyze the living room air or send the couch back and sit on the floor to ponder about my buying choices. What I did and what you can also do is:

Air the room (the whole house really).
Every.Single.Day. Even when there is snow outside and it's freezing cold, open the windows for a few minutes to freshen the air in the room. And yes, the air outside is not clean either but if you do it early in the morning when the radiators are close there's a better chance for fresh air.

Go back to nature
Do you remember those nice trees in the park? No? Then it's time to go for a walk and re-fresh your memory!

No, Ι don't suggest you go line on Mars. I am referring to indoor plants which NASA researched years ago in relation with their potential to absorb dangerous and harmful chemicals from the air in a closed space. According to this study chemicals like benzene (found in inks, oils, paints, plastics, dyes, detergents etc causing skin and eyes irritation, embryotoxic activity and contributes to chromosomal anomalies and leukemia in humans), trichloroethylene (used in dry cleaning, printing inks, paints, varnishes and adhesives and has been shown to be a potent liver carcinogen) and formaldehyde (used in insulation foams, pressed wood products, paper bags, waxed papers, wet wipes and paper towels, home detergents, carpet backing, etc and causes eyes, nose and throat irritation, headaches and contributes to asthma) were "eaten alive" by numerous indoor plants.
Here's the all star team:




Well, after reading the study we visited our local nursery and we are now proud owners of two Dracaena marginata, three sansevierias and a couple of aloe plants which we previously owned and brought inside from the balcony. I also have numerous mini pots with the spider plant in water throughout the house. These are quite old actually and you may have spotted it in some of my photos too.

Now I wont tell you that the plants did all the work cleaning the smell of the couch. But me and Nick are convinced they helped eliminate it. And if NASA says it's working then I am sold! After all we just want to be sure we are doing our best to have a healthy home for us and our baby.

Our balcony too has grown a bit greener than it was before and we are planning a very special treat for our friends and family for our baby baptism in June. I wont say much just that they are going to be a bit greener too when it's done! Last but not least be prepared to read all about my new love for airplants and how they can change the feeling of a room in an instant, in a future post. You are going to fall in love with them too!

Lot's of love