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You have to love the space in, which is why there’s no point getting upset over your lack of space. Anyway, if it’s a small bedroom you’re worried about, there are lots of simple things you can do to make your friends think you’re sleeping in a Tardis!





Check out these simple small bedroom hacks that will free up space and make your bedroom look bigger and better than ever before:


Downsize Your Bed


Switching from king to queen or queen to full will free up a few square feet of bedroom space, and you’ll barely notice the difference when you’re sleeping. Just remember to switch to full or queen sheet sets at the same time, or your bed won’t look great, and you’ll be kept up all night by slipping sheets, tangles, and tantrums that will stop you from enjoying what should be the best room in the whole house.


Early to Rise


If you invest in bed risers, you will be able to make better use of the space under your bed. Combined with under-bed storage boxes, you will be able to hide away all of your clutter without having to install extra dressers, drawers and shelving units which take up space.



However, there are sometimes when shelves come in very handy. Wall-mounted shelves will give you more floor space, especially if you use them as a nightstand like they do in many top hotels.


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall


Hanging a large mirror in your room is a great way of magnifying smaller rooms, making them look bigger in the process. Do this, and your room will feel much more spacious, even if it isn’t.


Pick a Pendant


Instead of using a freestanding lamp, which just takes up space, plump for a nice hanging pendant lamp and you’ll get all the light you need without making your room more cluttered than it needs to be.


Decorate with Accessories


Instead of decorating your bedroom walls with posters and art prints, use your more colorful accessories likes hats, scarves, and jewelry to add a touch of color. That way, you can keep them out of the way, but still instantly accessible when you need them.


Paint it White


Painting your bedroom in a light color will make it appear more spacious than if you choose a dark color palette. If you really love dark colors, bring them into the room via accessories like bed sheets, cushions, and rugs.


Use Your Head(board)


The headboard doesn’t just have to be used for support when you’re reading or watching TV in bed – it can double up as a handy storage unit too. Buy a headboard bookcase, and you’ll never have to worry about literary clutter again. You’ll always have something on hand to read in bed too!


Hang it Up


Screw some hangers or organizers onto the back of your bedroom door for some quick, simple storage space that doesn’t take up any more room. You can even buy laundry hampers which hang on the door, which will help to keep floor clutter to a minimum.



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