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it's been raining here non stop and I find it totally unfair having gotten a glimpse of spring to be back under the water. Boo hoo. I was so set up for spring I have all these garden posts ready and I can't seem to find the will to write about anything else. So bear with me would ya?


The other day Nick and I went out to eat and passed from a small private garden and fell head over heels in love with it! Have you ever had that happen to you with the feel of a garden? Often, hotels and fancy restaurants have outdoor spaces with the most amazing atmosphere to them that is incredibly tranquil and calming. It can often be hard to put your finger on what it is that makes the space feel so calm and relaxing. However, if there’s a water feature incorporated into the design of the outdoor space, then the chances are that it is what creates such a calming and tranquil vibe. In Buddhism, water is seen as being incredibly important for achieving a state of Zen because it has the ability to bring peace, calmness, and tranquility to any space. With that in mind, the question is how can you incorporate water into your garden to create a more tranquil space?






Reflective water feature


For a modern garden, a reflective water feature can often work well. The great thing about reflective water features is that they don’t have to incorporate deep water, so if you’ve got young children living with you, it’s a safer option for them. To create a reflective water feature, you want to build a shallow pond and fit a water fountain of some sort to it, so that water is constantly flowing. You see, there’s something about flowing water that helps us to feel calmer and more tranquil. For reflective water feature ideas, Pinterest is a great resource to use.


Flowing water feature


Instead of simply building a pond, consider creating a flowing water feature where the water runs around your garden before entering your pond. There are some fantastic design ideas for these types of features, so it’s worthwhile taking the time to have a browse and get inspired. What it’s important to remember with these types of features is that the water needs to be properly filtered to keep it looking crystal clear and free from algae and other issues. So it’s worth investing in an Oase aquamax filtration system, to ensure that the water doesn’t end up a nasty shade of green. After all, there’s nothing worse than a water feature with flowing green water, is there?




The great thing about waterfalls is that they can be created in all manner of designs and styles, meaning that whatever the look of your garden, you can incorporate a waterfall into it. There are modern, minimalist-style designs, traditional waterfall designs, and designs that are inspired by Japanese culture. Another major benefit of waterfall water features is that they don’t have to lead into a pond, the water can just be sucked immediately back up to be used again, meaning that for homes with young children, waterfalls can be a safer water feature option.


There’s something about incorporating a water feature into an outdoor space that helps to make the space more relaxing, calming, and tranquil. So if you want to make your garden somewhere with a more zen ambiance, adding a water feature of some sort could be the answer.


Nick says that if the turtles grow more we will eventually have to built a small lake in the garden for them and then I'll get my water feature. Men!


Lot's of love