Did you know you could be sharing your house with some very unwelcome guests? Not only are they unpleasant to look at, but to add insult to injury they can also cause a range of health issues too. Here are some of the uninvited visitors you might have lurking in your home.


Mold Spores

Leaks and condensation around the home can both result in toxic mold forming. Not only does this look unpleasant and spoil the appearance of your decor but it’s also bad for your health too. These ugly black or green patches release mold spores- which can cause all kinds of unpleasant symptoms from respiratory problems to skin tingling and numbness, fatigue, even concentration issues. Making sure any water leaks and moisture issues in the home are completely resolved is step one. You might need to fix a water pipe, a hole in the roof or have new windows fitted. From there, removing any mold growth with a special product (not forgetting a face mask to protect you) is step two. Using a dehumidifier to trap moisture in the air can be useful, and make sure your bathroom and kitchen is fitted with an extractor fan. Open windows and air out your home for thirty minutes a day which can reduce the amount of moisture sitting on surfaces.


Pollution and Allergens

Dust mites, fungi, pollen, pet dander, and pollution are all nasties that you can find clinging to your soft furnishings and carpets. In people with allergies as well as very old or young people, these can cause various health issues. With windows open and people bringing things in on their shoes, they can accumulate in the home. You can take control of this by putting curtains, throws, bedding, pet bedding and cushion covers in a hot wash on a regular basis. You could also hire a company offering carpet and rug cleaning to remove the dirt, pollutants, and allergens trapped in your floors. This only needs doing a couple of times a year but makes a huge difference to the cleanliness of your home.


Dust Mites

Dust mites are everywhere. Not to be confused with bed bugs, we can’t see dust mites with the naked eye, but they can cause all kinds of problems. Because they feed on our shedded skin, they have a constant supply of food, and there’s very little we can do about that. However, we can work to keep numbers down. In order to digest tough human skin, dust mites have a strong digestive enzyme, and it’s this which is problematic to us. Some people will experience respiratory issues such as coughing, sneezing and runny nose along with watery eyes. Keeping your home tidy and clean is the best way to keep down numbers. Don’t forget to pull out large pieces of furniture such as beds and wardrobes and vacuum behind, since dust can accumulate behind them. Carefully clean electronic equipment including behind TVs and inside computer fans as again dust can collect here. Most vacuums have a mattress tool too, use this to remove as many of the mites and their waste as possible. It’s recommended that you replace pillows after two years, duvets after five and mattresses after seven years. Doing this means you’re not sharing your bed with so many of the little mites!