As winter melts into spring, and spring cedes to summer, everybody has to start making small changes in their everyday lives. For one thing, you have to remember to leave your umbrella at home and instead, dig out the suntan lotion that has been idling at the back of a drawer for the last six months. If you do not want to overheat as well, you should think about changing what you wear. Your thick winter coat can be put back into storage for the time being because it is the season for colourful shirts and summer dresses. The things that you eat and drink may change too. The summer is time for cocktails and pitchers with plenty of ice. In any case, it is not just how you comport yourself that needs to change. The way you run your house needs to be amended too. You will no longer need to put the heating on but will have to crank up the AC. However, there are ways in which you can make your home more suited to entertaining or just luxuriating in the sunshine on your own. Here are a few ideas on how you could make your home as summer ready as it can be:


As great as the warm weather is, it can also bring with it all sorts of problems (the most important being protecting your skin from sun damage). Bugs and mites can be really annoying. They can often put you in a difficult position: as your home becomes uncomfortably sweltering, the most natural impulse is to open a window but this invites all the bugs to join you inside. A great way to get around this problem is by thinking about getting retractable screens for patio areas in your garden. They do not let the bugs in and they let you enjoy the fresh air of outdoors in your home.


As long as you are staying at home this summer, then you will be enjoying the weather with family and friends. That means inviting them over and having a party. There are lots of things that you need to have to host a good garden party, but the most important is a barbecue. Your first feeling might be that because you only use it for a few months every year, it is not worth investing in a good one. However, when you invite people over, you do not want to them going away thinking that the food wasn’t tasty. While a fire pit is rather stylish, for the best results, you should think about buying a state of the art barbecue set up. If you are going to enjoy the summer, you may as well do it properly.



Garden party bunting.jpg



Lastly, what is a party without music? Whether you want a chilled out atmosphere or you want everybody to be out on the dance floor (read: lawn), then you need a surround sound system for your garden. Outdoor speakers, like everything else, can vary in price but if you want to set your parties apart from the rest, they are an investment worth making.


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