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Green is all around us. More and more, as people, we’re moving to see the seriousness of the situation regarding the human impact on the environment around us. Even as it seems some institutions might be taking a few steps backwards; the people are unified. So, you might be thinking about whether it’s worth it to really flip that green switch and live a more eco-friendly life. Here are a few things to think about.


How efficient can daily life get?

It seems like there are eco-friendly options for just about every fixture in the home. Every appliance, every tap, every bulb. It’s worth getting the skinny on how feasible these additions are, however. For instance, water-saving taps can really make a big difference in saving you money in your shower, but if you’re using them to fill a sink for washing dishes, they’re not going to make much difference. Similarly, there are things like LED bulbs, which are much more energy efficient and longer lasting. However, the economy of them isn’t as strong as some would suggest, with the larger purchase prices hard to justify against a very slow return on investment in terms of energy bills.

Is solar power a thing yet?

It’s been talked about for a long time, but a lot of people have questioned the validity of using solar power in the home, especially in seasons when you don’t get as much sun. However, solar power is getting much more varied in the means by which we can implement it in the home. Even in places where you might not get enough sun to power the whole home, you can use solar hot water to cut down your heating bills instead. Most homes, by now, can implement solar power to real positive impact. The long-term investment is felt a lot sooner than things like, say, LED lights. You can’t get much greener than the sun, either.

Is gardening worth the effort?

Having a proper garden is environmentally helpful in a lot of ways. Growing trees or bushes in front of the home can better insulate the home, saving on HVAC costs. Allowing a wildflower patch some room in your garden creates a habitat for humanity. But it can have great personal gain to offer, too. Growing your own food, for instance, allows you healthy organic meals without the price tag.

Will it fit my style?

Fashion and environmental friendliness might not seem like the most common bedfellows. This is mostly an excuse to talk about one of the more exciting trends in sustainable living. Upcycling has started to take the world by storm, with plenty of services helping not just to recreate your old tired items into something new and chic. There are plenty of places to learn how to upcycle your own furniture, too.

Make no mistake, we are doing damage to our planet and we all have a lot of individual impact and responsibility on how much damage is done. Hopefully, the points above give you some room to think about changes you can make in your own life.

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