Entertaining guests is a privilege. Having a place where you’re happy to invite them and friends you’re happy to have stay over is rarely a bad thing. But it’s a responsibility as well. People can have a fantastic or a truly terrible night all based on how well you have prepared the home. If you want them to feel comfortable and to be more than happy about the prospect of coming back again then you need to think about what, exactly, you should be providing for your guests.


A warm welcome

The day before the guest arrives should be spent preparing the home. It needs a clean and a declutter most of all. Nothing makes someone feel uncomfortable like staying in a home with an unfamiliar mess. But you can go further in making them feel welcome by preparing a few extras for them. For instance, let them know in a little note in their bedroom that they’re free to make themselves at home and prepare breakfast for themselves if they wake up before you. Of course, you should have all the breakfast foods out and waiting for them or at least let them know where they are conveniently stored.


A good night’s sleep

The experience throughout the night is the most important part of a guest’s visit. How well they sleep could color the trip as a whole. It’s worth researching and investing in a high-quality mattress with sites like Choose Mattress first and foremost. Make sure you have clean sheets and linens prepared for the night, even if they haven’t been used since you last washed them as well. You might want to consider making a few extra welcoming touches to the bedroom, as well. Providing a fresh sleeping mask and a couple extra blankets of different thickness to help them accommodate to the temperature during the night, for instance, can work a treat. We all know how connected people are to their digital devices, too, so leave an extra charger in the room and a card on the bedside table telling them the Wifi code if they feel like a late-night browse.


A comfortable bathroom

Most guests will want a shower or a bath at some point in their stay. Using someone else’s bathroom as you would use your own is a bit of an uncomfortable experience for some, however. Good décor isn’t all a bathroom needs to make it feel comfortable. You should make an extra effort in it for the guest, not just in cleaning but provisions. For one, have some fresh towels and a new robe prepared for them in case they haven’t brought their own. You should consider leaving out a little basket of luxury shampoos and soaps and other bathroom goodies with a note telling them they’re free to use them all as well.


There might be some difficult guests who will be happy to find fault with a home they stay at. But if you follow the rules above, your home will be more than a place to spend the night. It will be a wonderful experience that could even see them growing all the closer to you.