In case you hadn’t noticed, most homeowners focus on decor above all. It makes sense; we want the place to look nice. It’s our sanctuary, and we all aim for a space we can be proud of. But, there’s one important point that decor doesn’t cover. How functional is your home? Looks are important, but you also need a home that can serve you. All too often, we opt for outlandish decor that isn’t practical. The good news is, you can cover decoration and practicality all at once. All you need to do is take some time to consider how. And, bear in mind that you need different things from your home at different times. That’s why we’re going to look at how to achieve a home that suits you for the whole day.



It’s first thing in the morning, and you’ve just woken up. What do you? Chances are you head to the kitchen. Some people stop off at the bathroom beforehand. For the most part, though, we trundle to the kitchen while still in our jammies. So, that’s the space you need to tackle first. Think about your mindset in the mornings. You’ll still be sleepy, so the ideal kitchen will be a bright space. Natural light is best, so make the most of windows. If there isn’t much natural light, install bright spotlights. Think, too, about the color of your walls. Bright, clean options are best. The chances are that coffee and breakfast are your first priorities. So, make sure you’ve got the gear. Color coordinate with your walls to make sure everything fits together. If you have have red walls, stock up on a red coffee maker. No one wants to fumble around with making coffee at that time, after all. Think, too, about making breakfast that bit easier for yourself. Stock up on a matching fruit bowl and toaster.









If you’re lucky, you get to head home during your lunch break. You want to keep your work head on, while still taking the opportunity to kick back for an hour. Taking time to put in place a dining area is your best bet. Minimalism is the perfect choice for a dining room. This style will offer a refreshing break in an otherwise busy day. It may also be worth including some plants into the space. They’ll provide a much-needed touch of the outside!









In direct contrast to lunchtime, most of us want a comforting space during the evening. Chances are, you’ll spend most evenings in your living room, so this is what you should focus on at this point. Unlike the brightness in your kitchen, this space will work best with warm lighting. Having the leading light on at all times can seem a bit much, so it’s worth investing in lamps instead. And, warm colors on the walls will work wonders for creating a cozy space. And, don’t forget to stock up on some couches you can get comfortable on!


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