The wrath of nature seems to be getting more fierce each and every year. Fires, floods, hurricanes; they’re all getting more and more common. It’s devastating to hear about this kind of devastation. In fact, there is only one thing worse than opening up Facebook and reading about people who have lost their family homes, and that is losing your family home in a natural disaster.

Of course, we all think we are immune to such things. But wishing won’t keep you and your beautiful home safe, safety will. That’s why we have come up with some top tips and simple tricks to help you and your family become that much safer.

We Didn’t Start The Fire

We all want to live in a gorgeous place where it is always summer. Florida, Arizona, California. But as totally gorgeous these places are they are also prone to fires, especially in the Spring and Summer months. But other than having the right insurance, there are other things you can do to protect your castle. First off, contact a fire protection company and let them guide you! Then, replace your roof with flame retardant shingles. Move any potted plants you may have dotted around your stunning garden further away from your property and water them regularly. You’ll be amazed how quickly green plants and shrubs can catch fire and how quickly it can spread too. Basically, just stay on top of your garden and clear any dead brush asap. If you do hear of a fire nearby, then accept a higher water bill and hose down your home and hose down your lawns.





Here Comes The Flood

Floods aren’t exclusive to homes in flood areas. Beach properties, lake houses, those near reservoirs or dams or anywhere within 15 miles of the coast; they can all be hit. Yeah, these are all idyllic settings to call home, but they can all be hit. So make sure your home insurance covers you for flooding because, as explained on, it is better they pay for your restoration and cleanup costs than you do. Of course, you can make moves to fortify your beautiful palace too. Invest in flood gates to cover your lower floor windows and doors or, if you can’t afford this, have a stash of sandbags on hand. Another great idea is to have a contingency plan to move all of your valuables to a safe place, even if that is just upstairs. If you’re thinking about building your dream home in an area known to flood, then it could be the little things that save you a huge headache, like raising your plug sockets that little bit higher and make sure your fuse box is well out of harm’s way.


Trying To Reason With Hurricane Season

 We’ve all seen the effects of a hurricane even if we haven't been affected by them. They are devastating. Now, we know nature can’t be tamed, but what you can do is improve your armor on this front, and here is how. Start with the simple stuff, like investing in hurricane straps and storm shutters. This will protect your stunning home from being littered with debris, which is the priority, right? We want to protect our homes because we want to protect our family’s. Another worthwhile thing to do is get yourself a shelter, these container shelters are great. Make it a feature piece in your garden, something that doubles up as a garden room, but make sure it will do the job when the time is right. If this isn’t an option financially, you could always follow this guide by and build your own. It’s better to be safe than sorry , right? That’s why it is also worth having an emergency evacuation plan that your whole family knows. Practice it too. Oh, and don’t forget to have an emergency bag by the door too - one that is waterproof. This should be filled with essential emergency equipment as well as enough non-perishable foods to last your family a week if need be.