I have been MIA these past few days since I am really busy with Fratzolaki's baptism and all that entails. However, me and Nick never forget to take care of our garden and balconies and so should you!


Have you considered how to design your garden and backyard to create more room? Have you thought about how to make your gardens and porch more cozy and pleasant much like the inside of your home? If your back yard is looking drab and you have few flowers or plants to brighten up the place, keep reading to learn about the best four ways you can improve the look of your outdoor living space. 


 Line the Pathways with Flowers

One way you can make your yard look much better is by planting more flowers. Consider planting flowers on the walking pathways around your house and in your yard. If you line your paths with lavender, you’ll find that these flowers are nearly indestructible. If you’ve ever found deer in your yard, you'll have found that deer don’t eat your lavender flowers. Beautiful and colorful flowers are a great addition to your pathways.


Grow Your Garden in the Style of Wine Country

When you start adding more flowers and plants to your garden, take a look at photos of wine country. Add some brick pathways as well as some wooden borders for the garden itself.

The Napa Valley or wine country look includes planting fruit trees across your yard and planting some lavender, rosemary, and irises in your gardens. The colorful purple and green colors will make your yard feel like home! It’ll be intimate and look delightful!


Add a Water Fountain Near Your Gardens

To truly give your front and back yard a new and beautiful design, consider adding a contemporary outdoor water fountain. Your friends and family coming to visit your home will enjoy the soothing sound of water flowing outdoors and love the new look of your yard.


Likely, the water fountain will get more birds coming to visit your yard. You’ll enjoy the sounds of birds chirping outdoors and the elegance the fountain brings to your home.


Grow Some Vegetables in Your Garden

With a patch of land outside your home, you can’t go wrong with growing some tomatoes, cucumbers, or any other veggies you like! Try it out and you’ll be able to get food for your kitchen right outdoors. Your landscape will look lush and beautiful!


I hope you like these top four ways to improve the look of your back yard. If you want a beautiful garden, try lining a pathway with flowers, growing some veggies, and adding a water fountain.

Lot's of love