When was the last time you read a car magazine? What? It's a legitimate question you guys, come on!  A, B, or C?

 A) The last time I was in the doctor's office and I only read the Zodiac signs at the end. 

B) Yesterday when I was having breakfast.

C) Girl, are there really car magazines? 

If you answered A or C then you are my type of person. For those of you that answered B, I really don't know who you are. At all! I mean, I usually can get the gist of my readers but you got me puzzled, lol!

So, if you are like me you don't really know many things about cars. You know how to drive them, you know the steps to take to keep them running (take them to the shop), you may even know how to check the oil and clean them. Oh! And you do know what you like in a car, right?

But do you really know how to choose one? I mean if you have a family of 2.5 kids - OK let's make it a 2 for convenience sake - and a specific budget to spend on a new car, how would you go around choosing the one best for you?

 Would you ask your husband, dad, boyfriend for help? I mean they are the ones that DO read car magazines after all. Some of them could tell you technical stuff about cars that would make your head spin. Or yawn your head off. Or yawn while your head spins. Well you get my drift.

 If you want to make an informed decision on your own before you start talking to your significant other, one way to go is use Cars.com. Those guys make it easy for everyone to choose their dream car. You can choose by brand or body type, do a search for popular cars, and you can find new and used ones too. Basically they have it all in one site.

 If I were to get a new car now my top decision making factors would include:

 - Overall car safety. How the cars responds to accidents, what are the most prominent safety features, what are the extra safety features, crash test information. Kids car seat latch system (Isofix).

 - Fuel consumption, type of fuel, eco-friendliness (is that even a word?).

 - Price and how to pay off. 

 - Luggage and seat space. Having kids tends to minimize the available space in any room let alone a car! So the bigger, the better!

 - Looks. Well ok it would be last on my list but still. 

 I know Nick would add many other factors to the list and extensively research each and every one (his a little control freak this husband of mine) but I am happy with these factors for now. And for the very special date nights, I can maybe searh for a Limo Find and give him a day off driving!


What about you? What do you look for in a car? Have you changed many cars so far? Which one did you like the most and why?

Lots of love