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Eternity rings come in many styles and shapes using a variety of different metals and precious stones. But what is an eternity ring and why do we give them? If this is something that you have ever wondered then here is your answer on just what they are, and why we give eternity rings.



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A Historic Offering

People have been wearing rings for thousands of years, and they are symbolic of eternal love as the ring has no beginning and no end. Ancient rings would often depict a snake eating its tail, but the modern eternity ring has changed styles, although the meaning is still the same. There are many different types of rings that people wear, and they are often symbolic of having specific meanings, and the eternity ring is no different. 


The Giving Of An Eternity Ring

An eternity ring is often given at a milestone within a relationship, or in commemoration of something special happening such as the birth of a child or grandchild. These types of rings are a symbol of eternal love, and they differ from other styles of rings by their design.


A Full Eternity Ring

The thing that sets eternity rings apart from other styles of rings is that they traditionally have precious stones, usually diamonds, going all the way around the band of the ring. You can get an array of different gemstones in an eternity ring, but the most common choice is diamonds.


The Half Eternity Ring

The half eternity ring is very similar to the full one, but the diamonds or other precious stones will go only around half of the band. You wear the ring with the precious stones facing outwards, and the benefit of this is that you do not catch the gems on anything when picking something up, as this can loosen the diamonds or even make them fall out of their setting entirely. Whether you are looking for a full or a half ring, you can find a beautiful eternity ring with ease using the internet to search your options.


The Popular Types Of Precious Metals

When it comes to eternity rings the most common choice of metal is either gold or platinum. Platinum is an excellent choice because of the hardiness and durability of the metal, which is much harder than the yellow or white gold that is also common for this type of ring. White gold is the second strongest out of the three options and is often quite a bit cheaper than platinum, so is considered a good choice.


The Setting In The Ring

There are three typical options for the type of settings in an eternity ring that most people choose. These three different settings are claw-set, channel-set, and also bar-set eternity rings. Channel-set rings are an excellent option as they are set flush with the ring so that you cannot catch the stones on anything as you wear it in your everyday life.


So this is what makes up an eternity ring, and now that you know you are armed with some knowledge to show your partner how much they mean to you and commemorate your love through the perfect eternity ring.


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