Hello darlings! Nobody likes spending excessively on their household utility bills. The trouble is that we also want to live in a beautiful home without too much intrusive technology. As wonderful as, say, solar panel technology is the panels themselves can range from the good to the bad to the downright ugly. Moreover, a surprising number of people eschew energy saving double glazed windows because they feel that they won’t be able to get windows to suit the classic or rustic aesthetic of their home. The fine line a homeowner walks is between making sure that their home is protected against waste without impinging on the home’s carefully constructed look. Fortunately, the market is awash with virtually invisible technologies that will allow you to have your energy saving cake and eat it.


 Keep an eye on energy vampires with smart plugs

 Any given household is powering a huge number of devices all through the day and night, but many of us are unaware at how vampiric our appliances and devices are. Moreover, many devices have a sneaky tendency to stay on standby overnight. Stop this waste from spiralling out of control by equipping your wall outlets with smart plugs. These little guys sit unobtrusively in the socket and measure the energy useage of any device plugged into it. This data is fed directly to an app on your smartphone. To be on the safe side, it’s also a good idea to unplug any devices left on standby overnight. They may not use that much in a single night but multiple devices over the space of a year all add up.


Keep your heating costs under control with advanced heat tracing

 With the cold weather on the way, it’s useful to have a solution to the potential problem of pipe freezing without paying through the nose on unnecessary heating costs. Using heat trace wire for your home prevents pipes from both freezing and overheating and due to its built in thermostat, it reduces and increases heat automatically depending on ambient temperature without any need for external control or monitoring. Self-regulating heat trace wire can be used for single pipes or networks of pipes, and can be used in virtually any environment without the need for bulky wall boxes and monitors.


Keep your radiators optimal

 If your radiators are feeling a little anaemic, you may feel that you should replace them with something more robust. Many are reluctant to do this as it may compromise the look of their home. Fortunately, you can have the best of both worlds and use virtually invisible technologies to keep your radiators functioning optimally. Radiator boosters sit quietly atop your radiator and ensure that all heat created is distributed into the room rather than wasting half of it by projecting it back into the wall. Additionally, you can use a radiator additive which is poured into the radiator and creates a greater surface area allowing for more even transference of heat meaning that your radiators stay warmer for longer, thereby reducing your heating costs.

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