Hello you darlings!


I wanted to thank you all for an awesome October! You made my blogging days (and nights) so much better with your nice comments on my posts, I really appreciate it! It means the world to me as a blogger to have such nice and friendly readers. 



photo by my wonderful husband Nick


October was actually one of the few months I shared so many personal stories with you, like the funny story of the time I ate cold spaghetti and got a nose piercing. You seem to like reading about my dorkiness (is that a word?) so stay tuned, I am not afraid to use my own weirdness against me again!


Also I wanted to thank you for all the heartfelt comments on my personal story of pregnancy loss. I haven't gotten around to answering all your comments but I am going to. They mean everything to me.


And on another personal story, thanks for being outraged along with me when it comes to mom shaming! Thanks for all the capital lettered comments! We need to stop judging and start loving!


There are many exciting things waiting to happen this November on the blog. Just to name a few: 



  • I am going to be sharing my first sugar free dessert recipe!
  • We are going to take a trip to London and do some sightseeing! 
  • There is going to be A LOT of crocheting and some new patterns too!  
  • The first parts of this year's Holiday Gift Guide is going live soon! It's not going to be a regular gift guide! All I can tell you is ...look out for the pink flamingo!



So stay tuned and stay wonderful!


Lots of love